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When most people hear the name Peugeot, it is usually a forward thinking, European-built automobile that comes to mind. In fact, more than 200 years the business that was originally perfectly located at the steel industry has received its lion emblem on an variety of products aside from cars, including bicycles, scooters, pepper mills, salt mills, coffee even dress crinolines. It’s interesting to notice aforementioned female dress accessory gave way the Peugeot automobile business. Fortunately for that wine enthusiast, in 2006 the lion began gracing an extraordinary distinct crystal wine glasses. With its philosophy of combining “emotion with excellence,” Peugeot once again scored big in the quality game. czech crystal vase They have to be stored carefully out of reach of sunshine or dust. Less humid spaces are preferred. Dust and humidity can ruin the glow and earn the crystal look dull. Crystal is not something which can be used every day. Mostly, they may be just home furniture, as opposed to kitchen vessels.

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The good news is, you don’t need cause make glass more clear. Since the potential health risks linked to crystal glasses came to light years back, companies have risen output of non-lead crystal glasses. While these aren’t considered real crystal, also, they are very brilliant. The most common lead substitute used is barium oxide, which does not have negative effects on health of lead. It was also during this time that his Courges vases appeared. These are rare artwork that are saturated with color, and contrasted while using tastes Lalique glass works which are opalescent and pearly. The different colors were manufactured by adding metal oxides into glass. Adding cobalt brings about a blue color, uranium can yield yellow while chromium produces red colored glass.

Besides offering the mix of beauty and functionality, this line carries a unique benefit. They allow the taster all of the great things about larger high-end crystal wine glasses, while their smaller size consumes less space–they can easily fit into the superior rack of the dishwasher (as I always say, I’m not an advocate of putting fine crystal within the dishwasher but Peugeot says you are able to with the Esprit 180 line with the exception of the crystal champagne glass). The angular shape of the Esprit wine glasses, along using the level of their bowls, allows for quick relieve each wine type’s aromas and characteristics. The super-fine rim leading for the lip with the glasses is nearly undetectable, and the model of it provides for maximum exposure towards the olfactory senses and of the wine on the tongue. The glasses are mouth-blown and show pulled stems, which means the stem can be a seamless part from the glass–not an outside piece attached for the bowl. I personally enjoy pulled-stem wine glasses a bit better for no other reason than I just think they are much more elegant. My two cents…